Air tight - Water resistant - Smellproof

Puts the lid on freshness

Safe. Sealed. Secure.


Tightvac storage containers are designed for the consumer who needs flexibility in storage, and for busy people, on the go students and working professionals.

Tightvacs are the ultimate in storage containers Super cool modern design with a patented Tightvac vacuum!! closure system that displaces air to create an airtight, water-resistant smell-proof, vacuum seal. Tightvacs are made from a durable, long lasting, food safe high impact plastic and come in 5 different sizes usually in a nested set (also available individually) ranging from the 2.35 liter size (great for a 2 pound bag of flour) to the .12 liter container which is ideal for your favorite spices.

Unlike all other containers you simply press the button and pull the cap up or press the button and push the cap down, it's really this simple.
Just about everything you can think of can go into a Tightvac: Coffee, tea, garden bulbs, grated cheeses, lettuces, cotton balls, sugar, jewelry, crackers, nuts and bolts, spices, Q-tips, grains, vitamins & anything & everything in or out of the fridge or cupboard. Indoor or outdoor!

Perfect for camping, RV's and travels the Tightvac system will even keep the bears away. It will float in any water situation - canoeing, boating you name it! It will keep things dry or moist all year round, no matter the season!
It's the container for the people. The younger crowd loves the modern look. Baby boomers swear by the Tightvac vacuum system for their coffee and the seniors enjoy the easy to open and close lids; no more achy hands!!! Cooks have a spill proof easy on/off vacuum seal container that can be used anywhere.

Create a system with your Tightvac - the different sizes and the option of clear or solid body styles make it easy to create systems for your storage, crafts & dietary needs, etc. The choices are endless, measure and store, color code, use by size, be inventive with the Tightvac system.

Tightvacs are unique multi-purpose containers that really work!!

Keeps a lid on hand-rolled cigarettes and more...

Tightpac carriers, the forerunner to the Tightvac, are so airtight that the cap makes an audible POP when removed.

Three sizes are available: The original Tightpac that's the perfect size to hide a single cigarette; Bluntpac for mini cigars and wraps; Partypac is big enough to hold four cigarettes, coins, rolling papers or even a set of keys.

Marquis adds that they're ideal to use during outdoor activities.

* First and foremost they are Air Tight, Water Resistant and Smell Proof and will stay that way for at least two years.

* You and your belongings are protected from any odors or ash.

* Made of high impact plastic, super durable, long lasting, won't melt under normal conditions.

* Take along anywhere, great post 9/11 gear.

* Extinguishes and preserves your lit cigarette immediately.

* Will float until you decide to rescue it.

* Convenient - Makes a great gift.

* Discreet and stylish.

* Promotes your safety.

* Conversation starter.

* Large size (Partypac) will hold a Bic lighter, 4 cigarettes or your cash and change.

* Neon colors make them really fun!!!

* Tightpacs are our coolest and most favorite container!!!

Cool cigarette case


Tobacco Pac is a cigarette case with a snap-in mini Bic lighter and removable divider that allows the user to store their favorite leaf on one side and papers or rolled cigarettes on the other.

Remove the divider and a pack of cigarettes slips perfectly inside.

Two sizes are available to hold kings and 100s.


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